Wrather Thoughts

A daily journal of the thoughts, ideas, and life of Ed Wrather who is a pastor and writer of the Burning Bush Devotional www.theburningbush.net wrather@dobsonteleco.com

Friday, January 18, 2002

The entryway was cut into the sanctuary from the new building yesterday and all went well. Final preparations are being made for the sheetrockers who are coming tomorrow.

Had a good prayer meeting yesterday and it is great to be around those who are concerned enough to pray and to take time out of their day to do that.

Got the new computer up and running yesterday but still need to transfer data from the old computer but must have the right line before I can do that. Hopefully, I can find one today. Need to finish up two sermons today and do the bulletin as well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 17, 2002

The speech judging went well although I never thought I would be a judge of those reciting poetry! It was a delight and refreshing to be around young people who were dedicated enough to work so hard on their presentations. I had the opportunity to visit with a young man who was also a judge at the contest. I know his father but have not seen him in several years. I think this was God's purpose in my being at the speech contest.

Exciting news! Federal Express called this morning and they are going to deliver the monitor for my new computer so I can finally put it all together. Hope it all works!

They are cutting the entry way from the new building into the sanctuary today which should be exciting as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Received a call last night from my sister-in-law who teaches school and they need a judge for their speech contest today. So, I'm judging a speech contest this afternoon. Actually I am an experienced speech contest judge having been pressed into service by our agriculture teacher eight or nine years ago to judge an FFA speech contest. Another ag teacher had recruited for that contest an auctioneer as a judge. The auctioneer was a friend of mine that had been in my class and graduated the same year I did but had not seen in several years. I'm looking forward to finding out what God has in store for me today at this contest.

Judging the contest also means that Nick will go to his grandparents for the third day in a row. But Nick and his grandpa seem to be having a good time. Probably another thing God is taking care of at the same time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Have a funeral to go to this afternoon which means our Tuesday prayer meeting will again be held on Thursday this week unless something interferes on Thursday which means we would have the prayer meeting on Friday but if something interferes on Friday I then give up for this week. Which poses the question if every week something interferes with the prayer meeting on Tuesday at what point does the Tuesday prayer meeting officially become the Thursday prayer meeting and if so was that divine intervention? Probably.

My brother-in-law's neice has passed away. I've never met her but over more than 30 years of contact with the family feel as though I know her. She was born with Downs Syndrome and at some point before school age was placed in a state institution. When our son was born with Downs we had already heard about my brother-in-law's neice and knew that we would not take the same course of action if we could avoid it. Through her I have a much deeper bond and understanding of a family then I ever would have otherwise. I also realized that our situation with our son was not something that was isolated and that there were families everywhere experiencing similar things.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Had great services yesterday!! Today will travel to Elk City with Building Committee floor covering sub-committee to check products and prices. Tonight have an Executive Board meeting for our Association to attend.

Should receive the monitor for my new computer Thursday or Friday. If so devotional delivery could be disrupted on those days as I get everything up and running.

I've been using my new exercise machine and have decided I was in really bad physical condition but am making progress. It does take dedication and commitment to improve your physical condition but it is the same with anything worthwhile. To grow spiritually also takes dedication and commitment. It's a new year, let us keep moving forward with our Lord!!