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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aftermath of Storm

We received about seven inches of snow which has so far been kinder than the ice. No church today but hopefully the snow and ice will all melt off this week. The first time that I remember that we have cancelled services two Sundays in a row plus last Wednesday.

To view the huge snowflakes that we received for just a few minutes Saturday afternoon go to "Sweetwater Photos" at www.theburningbush.org/sweetwaterphotos.html. CNN showed the photo repeatedly Saturday afternoon and evening. At least two huge snowflakes may be seen toward the top of the house with bricks as background.

My primary email address wrather@dobsonteleco.com stopped working yesterday afternoon. The last time this happened I received no email for about four days and most of the email was zapped out of existence. So, if you want to send me an email or you have sent me an email since yesterday morning please send it or send it again to edwrather@theburningbush.org or edwrather@yahoo.com. Thanks!!