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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Update on computer situation: Received a replacement tower from Compaq however, only has half memory and hard drive size as original. The person working on my account was gone for about 10 days but finally returned yesterday and after I talked to a tech admitted that they needed to give me the additional memory and larger hard drive. They will have to ship it to a local tech and hopefully this will take place sometime this week and next week the computer problem will be in the past. Actually the computer problem will work out for my good since the 5000 series computer has been replaced with an 8000 series which is better in every area including a faster speed.

Hopefully I will be able to begin sending devotionals regularly again next week.

Vacation Bible School was last week and Junior Camp is this week and soon will be a mission trip and youth camp. Firefighter's Appreciation Day coming up in a week.

We've had several burglaries in the area. They stole the church TV/VCR about a month ago. Last Saturday they broke in and stole a neighboring church's TV/VCR and sweeper. They also returned to our church and tried to break into the sound booth but only chipped away from wood. They found the new TV and VCR but left it setting on a table perhaps because they saw that I had engraved in large letters the church name and telephone number on them. A local natrual gas plant was also broken into and computers stolen. Our house is right next to the church and we also noticed that outside of one of our windows was several footprints in the flowerbed and flowers broken from where they had stepped. But we live in an isolated area so not much law enforcement can do at this point.