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Friday, June 03, 2005

Over the past several weeks I have been having to deal with a difficult family crisis. My father had been trying to take care of my mother who is an invalid at home by having caregivers 24 hours a day. The cost for their care and for household costs should be no more than $7,000 per month. However, in a little over 4 months beginning the first of January 2005 more than $100,000 went out of my parents bank accounts. The caregivers were taking advantage of them financially and also providing very poor care. It finally reached a point with only $262 left in their bank account that someone at the bank reported the situation.

My parents were sent to a psychiatric wing of the local hospital for two weeks of evaluation. My mother was sent to a nursing home on Thursday and my Dad has returned home but will require much attention from me and others.

I am concerned that the people who took advantage of my parents will not be prosecuted and will go on to take advantage of others. The primary caregiver who moved into my parents home and took over everything was: Catarina R. Arrelanes aka Catarina Ramirez Arrelanes; Catalinia Arrelanes; Catarina Hernandez; Catarina Sandoval; Catarina Ramirez. She is about 58 years old.
Her son Fernando Hernandez age 36 was also involved and has been in prison in Texas for various offenses and is believed to be living at Hammon, Oklahoma now.

When Catarina left she loaded up everything that she could of value including two lawn mowers, and two vaccum sweepers. They charged telephone calls on AT&T of $300 to $600 per month for many months. They charged items to my Dad's Discover card like $224 in tattoo equipment. They called 900 numbers and watched ugly movies on Direct TV pay per view. In a 5 week period Catarina received direct payments of $11,400 and wanted $2200 more. There was also $12,000 in cash that went out of my Dad's account during that same 5 week period.

Please pray that Chris Kelly the assistant District Attorney in Washita County at Cordell, Oklahoma will do his job and do something about this situation so others will not have to go through this.