Wrather Thoughts

A daily journal of the thoughts, ideas, and life of Ed Wrather who is a pastor and writer of the Burning Bush Devotional www.theburningbush.net wrather@dobsonteleco.com

Friday, November 09, 2001

Yesterday blogger wasn't working for me when I tried to access it but today it appears to be working fine. It's Friday! Jeanie (my wife) is always excited about Friday because it is really a Friday for her. But I'm on a different schedule than she is. My schedule builds up to Sunday and I'm not sure I ever really have a Friday because of essentially being on call 24 hours a day. However, I've been on call 24 hours a day in my employment for most of my married life. In the oilfield, as a parole officer, and as a pastor I was and am on call 24 hours a day. But really as Christians we should all be on call, available to our Lord for service 24/7.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Well I'm back! I've had a nice little break while my computer was down (It still has a problem though.). While I was away we visited my son and his family in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and enjoyed the fall foliage in eastern Oklahoma on our drive to see them.

It looks like progress is being made on the addition to our church facility with it coming closer to being ready for the foundation to be poured. Saturday is our Men's Breakfast. Monday and Tuesday is our state pastor's conference and state convention. Not sure whether I will go or not.