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Thursday, March 21, 2002

How the time flies! It has again been several days since I have been able to blog. Work is still moving along quickly with the new facility at our church. We will have our first event in the facility this coming Sunday. Construction will soon begin to refurbish the south wing of the building.

Our grandson Mason's surgery is still set for the 27th but they have moved up the time from 1pm to 7:30am. Hopefully and prayerfully all will go well.

What would you do if your religion was really meaningful to you? A survey was conducted to see if people took faith seriously how it would affect their behavior. USA Today, April 26, 2001 reported the following results:
87% would do more charity and volunteer work in the community
85% would do a better job raising their children.
79% believed we would see a decrease in crime.
69% said there would be less greed and less emphasis place on materialism.

So, do you take your faith seriously as revealed by your actions???