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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Difficult Week

Last week was difficult for us personally. My neice's husband, Lincoln Ward, died a week ago on Saturday. My wife stayed the week at (except for one night when traveling to the funeral) Falls Creek which is a youth camp. They experienced extremely high temperatures all week along with other challenges. I drove the church van with the young people to the camp on Monday. Drove back home because my Dad was having trouble with his air conditioning. Drove back to camp on Tuesday to pick up Jeanie and drove to Tulsa where we stayed the night. Wednesday morning we attended Lincoln's funeral and then drove back to camp and I drove back home. Finally was able to get my Dad's air conditioner going again on Thursday. Drove back to Falls Creek and drove the van back at the end of the week. Drove a total of about 1800 miles for the week.

Thankfully, God provided us with the strength but I was unable to write any devotionals during the week.