Wrather Thoughts

A daily journal of the thoughts, ideas, and life of Ed Wrather who is a pastor and writer of the Burning Bush Devotional www.theburningbush.net wrather@dobsonteleco.com

Friday, March 15, 2002

We did vote Wednesday night to have Ryan Baker to come in view of a call as our new youth director on April 7th. Ryan appears to be a very sincere young man on fire for God and with much potential.

The carpet layers finished in the new addition last night and if the brick layers would come we would be close to having the facility finished.

Car problems again with Jeanie's car developing a strange sound which turned out to be the water pump and $168 dollars later it no longer has the noise.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Long time no blog!! Several things have been going on including a trip we made to my son's this last Friday and Saturday. This week Jeanie is having to work day and night to meet a deadline on the 15th. She made it home at about 1am last night. I think she needs another job before this one destroys her.

Today the carpet layers are to come and begin work and sometime this week the bricklayers are hoped to be coming as well. The new facility is looking very nice.

Making progress toward our having a youth director with an interview tomorrow.

Mason's surgery has been moved up one day to 27th which is a conflict with another situation for me but hopefully it will all work out.