Wrather Thoughts

A daily journal of the thoughts, ideas, and life of Ed Wrather who is a pastor and writer of the Burning Bush Devotional www.theburningbush.net wrather@dobsonteleco.com

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

And it's Wednesday already. No prayer meeting yesterday because of the construction, cold, and one prayer warrior being in the hospital. One of the ladies in our church yesterday broke her ankle and bones in knee. Had a four hour surgery today and it will be a very long recovery. Pray for Ruth Holland.

Today we served lunch for the student ministries at the Sayre branch of Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Enjoyed sharing one of my devotionals at the luncheon but it is a little hard to do when most are talking and few appear to be paying any attention. Bible study tonight and I take my Dad to Oklahoma City to Dr. tomorrow. And time marches on and 5am may come a little early tomorrow morning. And Sunday is coming soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

It's already Tuesday and today is our prayer meeting. Must go to Sayre to visit Ora Lee who is in the hospital and go to the bank in Elk City and be back here by 2pm for our prayer meeting.

Here is something that has convicted me: A few years ago a woman named Peggy was diagnosed with cancer. She began praying that God would heal her—and not just heal her of cancer, but that he would make her completely healthy. Peggy had always had a bit of a weight problem and had never been very energetic, so she made some major changes in her lifestyle. She started walking every day and she drastically changed her diet. Eventually the cancer went into remission and she discovered that she was healthier than she had ever been in her life. She told her pastor, "I asked God to restore my health, and he said to me, 'Then start living like a healthy person lives.' When I gave up those unhealthy foods, I knew it would be for 20 years, not just a few months." Peggy started taking action in the direction of God's answer; that's asking in faith.

Convicting isn't it?