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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Grass Fires and Monitor

We had a large grass fire a couple of miles from where I live yesterday. Burned one vacant house and came close to burning a double wide mobile home and some other houses. Fire departments from all across the area responded and fought the fire through the afternoon and into the night. Still some fires flaring up today. Likely that a cigarette thrown out of a vehicle caused the fire.

Today we had a few second outage or surge of electricity and my monitor stopped working. The computer appears to still be booting up but the monitor just will not work. Had surge protectors on everything and the protectors seem to be okay. So, will be looking at monitors next week. Meanwhile, I'm using my laptop that I usually only use when we travel. When I started the laptop I found that where we stayed up last I had picked up some malware "Instant share" that is continually trying to install along with an error message. Very irritating! I've ran my anti-virus and ad aware programs but it is still there. Some other people have had the same problem so hopefully when I have more time I can take care of it. It takes me longer to do everything on the laptop because I don't use it as much and do not have everything on it that I usually use. Of course Romans 8:28 is true I the good thing about this is I'll be replacing the old monitor with a much nicer one that I have wanted for sometime. Praise God!!

We had a very good men's breakfast this morning with 13 of us here. We used to have a men's breakfast once a month but this is the first time we have had one in more than a year.

Starting a new Sunday School class tomorrow for young adults and I am excited about the possibilities for that class.