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Monday, June 11, 2007

Youth Rallies and Kid's Retreat

This past Friday and Saturday evenings we had two great youth rallies at FBC Sweetwater which were led by Myron Halford and the FBC Bronte TX youth group. They also led a Kid's Retreat for five and a half hours on Saturday which was wonderful in every way. The entire event was concluded by their taking over the youth Sunday School and then the morning worship service on Sunday. Every part of these events were wonderful, fantastic, awesome...!!!

Helping FBC Bronte's youth pastor, Myron Halford, were three additional adult sponsors: Leah Rosson, Billy Jones, and Valerie Jones. Myron has done an excellent job in molding these young lives to create servant hearts and a great drama team. Leah has led in the creation and growth of the praise band which touched our hearts.

I cannot say enough about the young people from FBC Bronte TX - they are simply incredible individuals and I know God has great plans for them all.