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Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Amazing news about Edmond Logan. Three heart bypasses yesterday afternoon and today he is off the respirator, sitting up, talking and may be out of ICU by tomorrow! Considering that he 87 1/2 years old that is amazing! God is at work!

Wrote a new devotional this morning but couldn't send it out for awhile because our mail server was down. Apparently three days of incoming mail has been lost or deleted by Logix. So, if you sent me an email over the last few days you might want to resend it if you really want me to read it.

One of the most wonderful things about living in the country is the silence. Today has been silent except for the occasional vehicle that happens to pass this way. After three days on the road going to and from and being in Oklahoma City the silence is golden. But after a few days the silence becomes stiffling if it goes unbroken. Silence can be so very restful but at times it can become the opposite as it becomes distressful. It depends on your perspective as most things in life do.


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