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Thursday, August 30, 2001

Arrived back home about 1:30am. Now unable to sleep. Could be that someone needs prayer and there was one prayer request that could have been the reason.

Only a few showed up for the GROW meeting. Probably my fault for not promoting it better. However, I think the devil hates the idea of any outreach and is fighting it. Last month when our first meeting was planned my mother was in the hospital in Oklahoma City and I was having to stay with her. This month I almost wasn't able to attend again because of having to pick up my sister in Oklahoma City.

Today, after I sleep a while, I plan to do some work on the bulletin for Sunday and I need to change the sign. May have to go to Elk City sometime today. I'm not going to be here to preach Sunday but there are still things which must be done to prepare for those services.

Beginning to feel a little sleepy so maybe.....


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