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Thursday, August 30, 2001

Things are going well this morning. Of course each morning begins with prayer and the Word. The devotional has now been written and sent but haven't posted it to my website yet which will take a few minutes more.

I did take care of one of my important duties this morning which was to take out the trash. Living in an isolated rural community the trash truck comes by once a week on Thursday and if you forget well it's another week. But this is much better than it was a few years ago when you had to burn all of your trash and if you had a burn ban you were in trouble.

Growing up on a farm that was one of my duties - to take out and burn the trash. I caught the side of the chicken house on fire once but was able to put it out with a garden hose before there was too much damage. Surprisingly enough my parents continued to entrust me with that chore.

During the time when my parents grew up during the depression they didn't have the problem with trash that we have today. Why? Because everything was valuable and a use of some kind would be found for it. Also, there just wasn't the money to buy as much junk as we buy today. Taking out the trash. Hmmn. I think there may be a devotional there somewhere.


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