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Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Much to do today! Must finish a Bible study in Revelation for tonight. This will be the next to last study in the book of Revelation. Not sure in what book of the Bible our next study will be. Need to prepare for the prayer meeting portion of tonight as well. Must check on all of those who have been ill but several are improving. Have to go to Elk City (About 30 miles from here.) today to take care of some things. Balanced the bank statement today and found a not so pleasant surprise that the bank had encoded a 320 dollar check as 32 dollars a couple of months ago. But they found their mistake but I had not and so I was just off about 300 dollars but it will be okay. I learned from this mistake to check off the checks from the bank statement noting the dollar amount and also noting the amount the check is encoded for at the bottom of the check. I wonder what other surprises today has in store? I need to remember Philippians 4:13.


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