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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Today, God surprised me! Which isn't really a surprise because usually when He moves it is surprisingly wonderful. How is it that you think that the situation you are in is unchangeable and will always be a certain way - but God changes it? How does He do it? We usually see God described as a God of wrath and judgment and discipline. However, I am coming to find out that God is a God of love who enjoys surprising you with His goodness. When He does that. When He gives you what you so obviously do not deserve what does that do? What it does it make you want to be more like God wants you to be than you ever have been before. Because of His generosity and goodnes you find yourself desiring to go beyond where you are in His service, to go beyond where you have ever been before. I praise You my Lord! You are worthy of honor glory and praise! You deserve my very best and you shall have it because of your lovingkindness!


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