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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Update on my physical health: God has forced me to become more healthy. No sugar or caffiene for over two weeks and have already lost 12 lbs., blood pressure is back under control and I do feel much better. Hopefully can continue to improve diet and exercise.

Yesterday our church served lunch at the Sayre College's BCM and there were around 27 students served. Matt Townsend the director did a good job with the event. Attended a youth evangelism rally last night with our youth director, Nick and six of our young people (or students as they seem to be referred to with increasing frequency). It was a good and meaningful evening.

Jeanie is in the midst of tax season working late every night and on weekends. Hopefully this will be the last one she will have to endure.

After arriving home last night I was idealess about a devotional and still have no ideas this morning. It must be devoblock!


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