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Friday, May 03, 2002

Ryan is working out well as our youth director and the young people have responded well. Sunday is Senior Recognition Day. Seniors will be presented with a Bible from the church and a lunch will be served in their honor in the new fellowship hall.

Construction is still underway. Three of the south rooms have been almost finished. The remainder of the rooms are nearing completion hopefully in time for Vacation Bible School which begins on the 20th of May.

Two weeks ago I experienced problems with my new computer (a Compaq). A systems board was replaced and it worked for about two days and has been down since. Finally talked to someone from Compaq yesterday who said they would replace the memory, processor, and systems board however those items are on backorder and it will be May 7 before they can be shipped if they are available then. Then, there will also be a wait for the items to be received by the technician and date scheduled for installation. At this point I would recommend that no one buy a Compaq and if you are going to buy a new computer have a local technician build one that they will be able to work on. Most likely it will be cheaper and be much more trouble free. In addition you will have to deal with technical support runarounds.

This week has been a busy week with ministry. Some have been ill and in hospital in Oklahoma City. Phil Spencer passed away suddenly and his funeral service was yesterday. Wedding rehersal tonight and wedding tomorrow afternoon.

And tomorrow is my birthday!!


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