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Friday, June 07, 2002

Update on the computer: Received hard drive and memory of proper size but had to install it myself. Computer now seems to be working well and hopefully will continue to do so.

Started writing devotional again this week and plan to deliver the devotional on a regular basis. Worked on website for several hours yesterday, primarily on the devotional archives which were in poor shape. Also still working to backup/save all material and files on disc so will be better prepared for any future computer problems.

They have stopped work on the church building and it is for the most part finished. There is still some minor things that need to be done and clean up outside. Also still need large area of concrete to be poured north of the building for parking and a place to play basketball. Not sure when they will return to do that because we have been waiting for about five weeks now. Settling back into my study and will someday have all of my boxes unloaded and things will be back to normal.

This coming Sunday is Firefighters Appreciation Sunday and Tim Dorsch a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and chaplain will be our speaker. We have invited all of our communities firefighters and their families to come and will be serving lunch.

The youth will be leaving Sunday afternoon on a Mission Trip to Tulsa and July 1 is youth camp at Falls Creek.


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