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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

It was not really a surprise but Yahoo has now taken care of my problem with the changing from one program to another. It was all done by about 10 last night. Amazing what can happen when you know the right people and I'm not just talking about Sue Decker who thankfully took a few seconds to help out of her very busy day. The Lord was the One that I knew because He gave me the idea for contacting those who could do something about the situation. Hopefully others who were in the same situation as me will have been helped by this as well.

The snow is about over here but still snowing in Sayre where Jeanie is today. Looked like a mess in Oklahoma City this morning. Some in western Oklahoma are still without electricity and hope that will soon be over for them. Bible study tonight and need to work on that. Just finished the devotional but still need to post it. With the faster computer I was able to unbounce over 600 subscribers to the devotional yesterday afternoon. Hopefully those soft bounce addresses are still good. Should be able to keep the bounces current now with the greater speed.

Clark and Libby have an appointment with the neuro surgeon in Dallas on Thursday and so hopefully we will learn more about what is ahead for Mason then. Please continue to pray for Mason.


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