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Friday, December 21, 2001

Merry Christmas from the Wrather Family!!

Another year has almost passed us by and what a year it has been. The year 2001 has brought us new challenges and adventures. Our nation has been attacked and we have struck back. Once more we have been reminded that we have need of God. Once more we have been faced with eternity and our own mortality.

The newest member of the Wrather family, Mason Lowen Wrather, arrived December 12. Mason’s brother, Madison, is excited about having a brother as is all of the family. Clark and Libby are in their second year at the First Baptist Church of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The church there is doing well and it is an exciting time in their lives and ministry.

We entered a building program here at Sweetwater in February to build a new fellowship hall and additional classroom space. The funds for construction have already been given and the construction is underway of the 40’ x 80’ addition. The church has also committed to a complete refurbishing of the south wing along with a new baptistry. God has continued to bless us here.

Jeanie is still working in Elk City and another tax season is soon to begin. Her parents continue to have some health problems. Ed’s mother experienced severe health problems this year and was hospitalized for a week in August. For a couple of months she was bedfast but has had some improvement over the last few weeks. Nick had a brief problem with depression but is much improved now. Ed is also continuing to write the Burning Bush Devotional and work on his website (www.theburningbush.org).

We pray all is well in your lives and that you have a most blessed Christmas and New Year!!

Merry Christmas!!

Ed, Jeanie
& Nick


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