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Thursday, October 04, 2001

Attended a funeral yesterday for my mother's cousin, Winifred Marical. Met cousins that I didn't know existed. Their last name is Jump. Which reminded me that I had worked with a woman whose name was Jump several years ago when I was a parole officer. Since she lived in the same area as these people they are probably related. I will try to find out about this. It appears I was close to meeting my cousins about 17 years ago but never asked the right questions. If I had been a little more interested in my friend I most likely would have discovered we had something in common. A good reminder to me to go beyond the formalities and share out lives with those we encounter in this life.

My mother is not doing as well most likely caused by an increase in pain medication but it is out of my control at this point. My brother-in-law who works for a hotel in Florida had his salary cut by 20% and may be out of a job by the 15th of this month. So, they have gone to California to check on job possibilities there. Lives have been drastically changed all across this country!


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