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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back Home

I spent last week at Falls Creek Youth Camp. We shared a cabin with two other small churches and there were ten young people in our church's group. Of our group four were saved, three made recommitments of their lives to the Lord and all of us indicated that God has spoken to us during the week.

There were some rocky moments when two of our campers stole a golf card for a ride back to our cabin but no one was hurt and nothing damaged.

Last week Malachi a seven year old boy with cancer who has been living with us temporarily came close to dying when an artery was torn during a surgery to install a port for chemotherapy. They had to split his chest open just like with a heart surgery in order to stop the bleeding. He was in intensive care for four days and is still in the hospital. They will try again to put the port in tomorrow on Monday (Please pray).

On Wednesday I left camp to go to Oklahoma City to see Malachi and that was when the campers stole the golf cart so I had to hurry back to the camp. But God used this incident in the lives of those involved to bring about good.


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